Current & New Features / Coming Soon

Current & New Features

  • Searching Options – The website is very user-friendly allowing searches via house type, postcode, street, town and price range within all regions across England & Wales in order to disclose all residential property sales as recorded by the Land Registry since April 2000.

  • Link to Multimap - Allows identification of the specific location of a property enabling the search area to be accurately defined.

  • Create your own files – Create personal files of comparable evidence for all valuations

  • Customer service / Helpline – A support team is available from 09:00 – 17:30 to assist with any general queries and technical issues. Property POD is more than just a database, it is a complete service providing peace of mind in the knowledge that someone is available at the end of the line when there is an urgent valuation to do!

  • Unlimited searches – There are no charges per search. Unlimited searches can be conducted against any postcode or town across England and Wales for less than £5 per week per office. Generous discounts are available for multiple offices. Please contact us for more details.

  • Link to Streetwise – Allows the viewing and printing of Ordnance Survey maps, which are to a scale of 1:1250.

  • Exporting Data – Once files of comparable data have been created these can then be exported to and manipulated by Excel.

    Coming Soon

  • Creating Graphs – Allows Allows the creation of graphs, facilitating the analysis of residential property prices against property types over a period of time within a given postcode.



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