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Does your company have a need for a detailed house price search? Are you searching for prices within a certain area and are looking for a house price search? If your answer is yes then your search ends here. Here at Property Pod we have a wide range of services that will suit any company with a need for a house price search.

Property Pod has been offer companies with a house price search since January 2005. This service was brought about by the release of information from the Land Registry in December 2004 and our house price search service is the most comprehensive on the Internet for the housing industry.

With the house price search that you will receive with Property Pod you will get quality data. Some features of our house price search service includes: Searching Options, Link to Multimap, Customer service / Help line, Unlimited searches and Links to Streetwise. A brand new feature of our house price search service includes: Creation of graphs, Details of accommodation and also Add site inspection notes.

You can feel assured that the levels of service you will receive from Property Pod when you choose our house price search service will be of the highest standard.

If you would like any further information with regards to the house price search that we offer then please feel free to browse this web site. When it comes to house price search Property Pod are the ones to trust.

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