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Does your company have a need for fast reliable data from a nationwide property database? Are you searching for a company that has a complete property database for you to extract data from? If your answer is yes then your search ends here. Here at Property Pod we have the most reliable property database on the Internet, which is ideal for anyone wanting information on the property industry.

Property Pod has been providing its customers with a unique property database since January 2005 and through its dedicated team of staff is able to provide you with almost any information you require on house sales in England and Wales within the last 4 years.

We offer the best property database that is available on the Internet. Through our property database you will be able to find every house/flat sale recorded by the Land Registry in England & Wales over the last 4 years accessible via date, address, area, and postcode. Our property database is predominantly used for Estate Agents, , Valuers, Property Developers and Financial Institutions.

You can feel assured that the levels of service you will receive from us when you choose our property database will be of the highest standard. You will have a customer help line to advise you on any problems that you may have when extracting data from our property database.

If you would like any further information with regards to the property database we can offer your company then please feel free to browse this web site.

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